It’s all about eggs (and birds).
All Day. Every Day.

24/7 Feeding & Watering Birds & Washing Eggs

Meet my friends–American Buff and Pilgrim Geese

Heritage Breeds

Ameracauna, Araucana, Cream Leg Bar, Cuckoo Maran, Whiting True Blue, Olive Egger, Easter Egger, Speckled Sussex, Ancona and Welsummer

Organic Practices

Laying hens free-range on 35 acres of pastures which are maintained by organic growing practices. Yes, there are weeds.

Quality Promise

Straight from our farm to you. We raise most of our food here on the farm.

Why Choose Us?

Because you matter.

Organic fresh food is the cornerstone of health and wellness. eggs nurture you with nutrition that supports the health of people and animals and the soil. Each step of the process in raising healthy birds builds higher nutrition values and gives back to the soil which feeds us all.

Geese and Ducks

American Buff Geese

These geese are inquisitive friendly companions. By raising these geese we are supporting this beautiful, but now rare, breed which is critically endangered

Indian Runner Ducks

Runner ducks have only one pace in their lives–fast! They do not walk anywhere. Our Runners are excellent egg layers as well as being a prime source of entertainment.

Guineas and a Peahen

Raucous and rowdy, guineas are truly unique. These birds notify us all day and night of any goings on in the back pasture.

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